Friday, March 1, 2013

Hg shortcuts for bash .profile

Some shortcuts I used most often when working with Mecurial (hg) source control.
# Hg shortcuts
function splithgfiles() { ruby -ne 'if $_ =~ /files: / then puts $_.split else puts $_ end' ; }
alias hgpu='hg pull -u'
alias hgl='hg log -v -l 5 | splithgfiles'
alias hgl1='hg log -v -l 1 | splithgfiles'
alias hgu='hg update'
alias hgc='hg commit -m'
alias hgb='hg branches'
alias hgbm='hg bookmarks'
alias hgt='hg tags'
alias hgs='hg status'
alias hgsu='echo "# Summary" && hg summary && echo "# Heads" && hg heads'
alias hgr='hg revert -C'

# Remove unversion files from Hg repository dir.
function hgrmnew {
 rm -vfr `hg st | cut -d ' ' -f 2`
One worth special mentioning is that default "hg log -v" shows files with space separator. I find it easier to view with one file per line instead, hence I added the "splithgfiles" helper function.

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