Sunday, July 24, 2011

MySchedule-2.0.0 released

The lastest myschedule-2.x release supports the latest Quartz 2.0 API. The Quartz 2.0 is not backward compatible to Quartz 1.8.x, so the MySchedule has matained the myschedule-1.x for the older one.

Try it out here: !

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Becoming a Quartz commiter

I started my first commit to the Quartz's svn repository yesterday. I hope to contribute some effort in helping the project. I think the Quartz is an exellent open source project to work with and it's already been use by many users. The project offer many opportunities in dealing with real world situations. The quartz project has a scheduler layer, cron expression implementation, job persistence storage layer (using JDBC), and many framework components such as plugins and listeners. Many users have integrated Quartz in various environments such in standalone JavaSE, Spring, Servlet container (Tomcat eg), or application server (JBoss eg). In helping this community, I also get a chance to expose to these programming models. It will be great experience to have.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

MySchedule-1.3.3 release

The Quartz Scheduler project is great to create any fancy and heavy duty scheduling tasks in Java project. One area it's missing is that the quartz library is very much targeted for developer, and there is not many user front end to allow end user to immediately exploring the scheduler system. This is the reason I created myschedule project. It's free, open source (Apache License 2.0) dashboard manager for Quartz. It's conveniently packaged as war file and you may deploy into any Servlet 2.5+ Web Container server to run it.

The myschedule-1.3.3 release let you manage multiple quartz schedulers on a single webapp, and you may create and delete the config right in the webapp. The myschedule will quickly let a end user to load and run jobs without doing any programming. But myschedule also comes with a Scripting tool that let power uses to schedule any jobs using Groovy programming language. The myschedule's job listing page and management of the UI has also greatly been improved since the first release.

So if you need Quartz or want any scheduling jobs, you should check it out.