Saturday, June 8, 2013

MySchedule FINAL is released

Hi folks,

I have tagged the release of the MySchedule project today. This is the first stable release of the version 3 branch line of the project. In this release we bring you the latest Vaadin UI experience. You may expect all the good stuff from old release, plus few new features added.

  • You may now save your own Templates in scheduler configurations, scripting text or even XML for job loader.
  • You may interrupt a running job.
  • More Scheduler runtime information are displayed.
  • New table display of all plugins used.
  • Added an embedded web server for quick self running UI server.
  • Single convenient package download.
  • New release format: 3.2.x.y is used for MySchedule3 using Quartz 2.x library.
  • New online demo setup on OpenShift platform

Get it and try it out here

1 comment:

  1. BTW, I also back ported another version to support Quartz 1.8.6, and it's released under MySchedule- version.

    The formatting is that MySchedule-3.2.x is for managing latest Quartz-2.x API while MySchedule-3.1.x is for managing older Quartz-1.x API. These API are not backward compatible.