Saturday, July 9, 2016

postgres: How to install posgresql-server with yum on Linux

If you have a RedHat/CentOS/OracleLinux distro of Linux, then yum should be available as your package manager. Here are the notes I have to get PostgreSQL server up running.

bash> yum info postgresql-server
bash> # Verify that's the version you want to install

bash> # Ready to install
bash> sudo su -
bash> yum -y install postgresql-server
bash> service postgresql initdb

bash> # Startup the server manually
bash> service postgresql start

bash> # Make server startup at system reboot
bash> chkconfig postgresql on

bash> # Verify postgres DB is working
bash> su - postgres -c psql
postgres=# \du
postgres=# \q

bash> # We are done, exit root user shell
bash> exit

If you can't find service or chkconfig commands, then check to ensure you have have /sbin in your $PATH.


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